Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund

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AMSF: Bibliographies


Frank E. Archibald

  • Salute to Sid: The Story of Dr. Sidney Gilchrist (Lancelot Press, 1970) Windson, Nova Scotia.

Maria Chela Chikueka

  • Angola Torchbearers (Chela Book Group, 1999) Toronto, ON.

Michael Comerford

  • The Peaceful Face of Angola: Biography of a Peace Process (1991-2002) (Self-published, 2005)

James Duffy

  • Portuguese Africa (Harvard University Press, 1959) Cambridge, Mass.

David H. Gallagher

  • Along African Trails (The United Church of Canada, 1952) Toronto, ON.

Sid Gilchrist

  • Angola Awake: Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1968
  • Seven Years of Leper Work in Angola
  • Salute to Sid: The Story of Dr. Sidney Gilchrist, Frank E. Archibald: Windson, N.S.: Lancelot Press

James F. Grenfell

  • Historia da Igreja Baptista em Angola 1879-1979 (Baptist Missionary Society, 1999) Lisboa.

Lawrence "Larry" Henderson

  • Angola: Five Centuries of Conflict (Africa in the Modern World series: Ithaca & London: Cornell Univ. Press, 1979)
  • Galangue: The Unique Story of a Mission Station in Angola Proposed, Supported and Staffed by Black Americans (United Church Board for World Ministries, 1986)
    ? Available from UCBWM, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 10115
  • A Igreja Em Angola. Um Rio Com Varias Correntes (Lisbon: Ed. Alem-Mar, 1990)
  • The Church In Angola (Pilgrim Press, 1992)
  • Development and the Church in Angola: Chipenda The Trailblazer (Acton, 2000) Acton Publishers, P. O. Box 74419, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Lawrence W. Henderson Papers, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH. (603) 862-2714

Ennis Merlin, editor

  • Umbundu: Folk Tale from Angola (Beacon Press, 1962) Boston, Mass.

Thomas Masaji Okuma

Introduction : United Church of Christ missionaries Rev Tom Okuma and his wife Naomi served the Angolan Mission from 1950 to 1961, where they also raised their three children -Yuki, Katy and David. The Okuma family resided in Chileso, Bailundo, and Dondi.

  • Thomas Masaji Okuma (1974) Angola in Ferment: The Background and Prospects of Angolan Nationalism [Hardcover] Book Description: Praeger, 1974.. New ed of 1962 ed by Beacon Press.137 pages. ISBN: 9780837172729 Content_The Setting; Portugal's Colonial Policy; Disruptive Forces; Angolan Nationalist Groups; Portugal Under Fire; The Outbreak of Violence in Angola; What of the Future; Appendices: Documents; Religious Societies.
  • Thomas Masaji Okuma (1964) The Social Response of Christianity in Angola: Selected Issues Ann Arbor University Phd Boston University, 1964 - Church and social problems - 536 pages

Edmond Racloz

  • Oku Lima: Le Developpement rural vu a la base (Editions du Soc, 1977) Lausanne.

John T. Tucker

  • Drums in the Darkness (Ryerson Press, 1927) Toronto, ON.
  • Angola: The Land of the Blacksmith Prince (World Dominion Press, 1933) London, Great Britain
  • A Tucker Treasury: Reminiscences and Stories of Angola, 1883-1958 (Wood Lake Signature Books, 1984) Mississauga, ON.

Ernest T. Wilson

  • Angola Beloved (Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., 1967) Neptune, NJ.